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John B. Brooks

See Morgantown Attorney John B. Brooks for your legal matters.

Finding a Morgantown lawyer might seem like a daunting task at times. However, attorney John B. Brooks is here for you. He's more than a West Virginia bankruptcy attorney. He’s practiced in many types of law such as real estate law, such as deeds, or estate law. In addition to real estate contracts, he handles wills and is an experienced DUI lawyer. He’s also experienced at family law and divorce law that includes issues such as custody.

Mr. Brooks can also handle your criminal defense should the need arise. John B. Brooks became a lawyer to serve his clients' who need a voice in the justice system. He's fully committed to providing you the best professional legal services you need when you need them. Learn more about some areas of law that he deals with on a regular basis...


Sometimes the only solution is to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

Life happens and sometimes you need to start over with help from a bankruptcy attorney.

Family Law

Hire a qualified family law attorney today.

Protect your custody interest, visitation rights, adoption options or any family law issues.

Criminal Defense

No matter the type of criminal defense you need John B. Brooks can help.

Everyone deserves their day in court. Let John B. Brooks stand by you.